Big Horse TLC Leadership Program – Summer 2017

Big Horse TLC Leadership Program – Summer 2017

A big part of our mission is to create a space for young people to support one another, feel accepted and improve their leadership skills.

-A Horse Leader is a teen or a tween with a passion for horses and a strong interest in working with kids.

-Horse Leaders commit to volunteering in at least one horseback riding camp Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.

-Horse Leaders have equine experience or are eager to learn how to catch, groom, tack and lead a horse.

-Sometimes a Horse Leader is needed to literally lead a horse for someone who is smaller or less experienced. (Horse Leaders may horse lead or sidewalk with beginning riders during an hour lesson that involves walking and sometimes running in a sand arena in our indoor arena or outside in the summer heat.)

-Horse Leaders learn how to connect with and gain the trust of their horse.

-Horse Leaders role model to other campers how to be respectful toward others, make healthy choices and have fun!

Why Volunteer to Be a Horse Leader?

-Horse Leaders are engaged in a positive, healthy activity for 35 hours per week.

-Receive regular instruction and feedback to improve horsemanship skills.

-Join in a group facilitated each week by a mental health professional to build team cohesion and address any challenges arising in group dynamics.

-Meet individually or in a small group to track growth as a leader and mentor.

-Horse Leaders are also encouraged to join our teen riding group (non-camp Tuesdays from 4:30-6pm or Saturdays 3:30-5pm; $40/lesson)

If you are curious if your child is ready to volunteer with us as a Horse Leader, please contact Mica. If you are new to our program, we encourage you to sign up for a free tour or riding lesson so that we can get to know each other.

Horse Leaders are invited to join us for an affordable week of horse camp, where teens get together to ride and learn more about how they influence the world around them through their presence and leadership.

Teen/Tween Riding & Leadership Camp, 6/12-6/16. Camp is Monday-Friday from 9-4 (plus a Thursday night sleepover). Participants enjoy a riding lesson each day, get to know other horse leaders, and practice new leadership skills. Regular price $475. Just $250 for those who volunteer at least one week this summer!

All new and returning 2017 Horse Leaders are required to attend at least one volunteer orientation:

Please follow the links below to register: