Big Horse TLC Leadership Program – Summer 2019

Big Horse TLC Leadership Program – Summer 2019


We have found that teens have a lot of time and energy to give to others, but they also want time to be amongst their peers and to ride!

Horse Leaders help younger campers safely catch, groom, and lead their horses in classes taught by our experienced riding instructors. They also create a fun-loving atmosphere for the younger campers.

A big part of our mission is to create a space for young people to support one another, feel accepted and improve their leadership skills.

  • A Horse Leader is a teen, tween (or playful adult!) with a passion for horses and a strong interest in working with kids.
    • Tweens accepted on a case-by-case basis-11-12 years old – must have equestrian experience–participants are highly encouraged to take part in our teen leadership camp or at the very least to sign up for a few private lessons before they volunteer so that they know our instructors, horses and methods.
  • Horse Leaders commit to attending at least one horseback riding camp Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.
  • Horse Leaders have equine experience and know how how to catch, groom, tack and lead a horse.
  • Horse Leaders learn how to connect with and gain the trust of their horse.
  • Horse Leaders often horse lead or sidewalk with beginning riders during an hour lesson that involves walking and running in a sand arena in our indoor arena or outside in the summer heat.
  • Horse Leaders role model to other campers how to be respectful toward others, make healthy choices and have fun!

Participants must demonstrate a level of maturity and confidence to participate in this program. It is not appropriate for everyone, and we may deem that additional learning or more riding lessons are necessary for some participants to acquire the skills and poise needed.

If you are curious if you/your adolescent is ready to be a Horse Leader or Junior Camp Counselor, please contact Mica at

If you are new to our program, we encourage you to sign up for a free tour or riding lesson so that we can get to know each other.