Here comes 2019!

Here comes 2019!

First of all, we want to thank each and every one of our riders and their families.  We really love connecting with horse-wild adults and kids alike, and we appreciate all those parents who wait in the elements while their loved ones enjoy their lessons. 

This year, there will be some changes and I wanted to quickly give you a heads up about what to expect. 

Our wonderful trainer Alyssa Huggins has a New Year’s resolution that is taking her in a different path–in 2019 she would like to focus on her horse training skills.  So, while she will still be working at Good Reception Ranch, Alyssa will no longer be offering lessons after this winter.  She will continue to conduct the lessons that are scheduled through March and will help some of her riders transition to Ali Graves Kish or Liz Polanco.  The sad reality is that these changes won’t work for all of you.  For those riders that we can no longer accommodate, we recommend our neighbors Plane View Farm and Spirit Heart Ranch

If you are interested in taking a deep dive into the horse world, please consider teaming up with one of our professional trainers at Good Reception Ranch.  Ali, Kelly, Seth, and Tom have spent many years guiding people through the process of training, leasing, buying and showing horses. They successfully compete locally and nationally with their clients. 

For those without their own four hooves, Liz will continue to offer lessons with our faithful school horses Ariel, Chloe, Duke, Ava and Star.  She is really looking forward to partnering with existing clients who want to deepen their relationship with horses.  She will continue to offer mounted riding lessons and plans to organize some workshops to help her riders improve their riding skills.  She will also increase the unmounted work she does with clients–horse training, energy work, communication and massage–to help participants better understand and communicate with their horses non-verbally. 

Liz’s riders are encouraged to buy their lessons in 4-packs so as to have preferred scheduling access and to keep lesson prices at $65.  Newly-booked individual lessons will increase to $75.  Liz will also be speaking with some of you about forming semi-private and group lessons (still $45).  If finances are an issue for you, particularly with getting a 4-pack started, please talk to me directly.   

You can use our online app to check lessons you have already scheduled.  (Please remember that the system works best when you create an account and login before booking lessons or buying packages.)  You can currently schedule up to two weeks in advance while we make some changes to accommodate as many existing clients as possible.  Those wishing to schedule into 2019 should email us to let us know your preferred times and we will look for a spot for you on the calendar.  

Thank you for all of your support.  We wish you a wonderful holiday and a bright 2019!