If you are a beginning or intermediate rider looking for riding lessons on one of our school horses, you have come to the right place!  Read on for more information below, or use our online scheduling app to set up a free 30-minute tour.

For a full list of approved instructors and trainers, please see our professionals page.



Alyssa Huggins is a passionate and dedicated teacher with over 12 years’ experience teaching riders from beginner to advanced in Western and English (including jumping).  She has successfully trained and competed horses in several disciplines.  Alyssa has studied with different trainers across the country and loves finding what approach works best for each horse and rider.  She enjoys working with riders of all levels and works with people on the ground and in the saddle to give them have a thorough understanding of horses.  Alyssa is a great match for those who are eager to learn about all aspects of horsemanship!  

Liz Polanco has a fun, gentle teaching style that allows each students to relax and enjoy creating a connection with the horse.  She teaches her students how to catch, halter, groom and care for their horses while always emphasizing respect and mutual understanding.  She gives riders a solid foundation in the saddle, emphasizing proper position and use of aids.  She is certified as a therapeutic riding instructor by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International and has taught riding lessons at our ranch since 2009.  Liz is also a gifted animal communicator.

Rates as of February 15th, 2018 (see online booking program for current prices):

  • Private 90-minute lessons are $65
    • Packages are available: 4 private lessons for $240 ($60/lesson) or 10 lessons for $550 ($55/lesson)
    • Packages are non-refundable
  • Semi-private and group lessons are $45/rider for 90-minutes (includes time to brush and tack the horse)

Our instructors will help each student select an appropriate school horse.  We provide ASTM-approved riding helmets (helmets are required).  More information about attire will be sent after you book your lesson.  We have worked with students aged 3 to 93.  If you would like more information about which instructor is the right fit for you or your child, please sign up for a free tour here or call Alyssa at (978) 505-8063.

We encourage you to book a free ranch tour or an introductory riding lesson (private lessons are $65 per 90-minute session).  Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of our offerings.

What her clients have to say about Liz:

“I just want to express how pleased we are with her participation at GRR and for the wonderful instruction and friendship Liz offers. K has been through a great deal this last year and GRR has provided an oasis for her.  Thank you.” -DL

“So…. All those years I spent astride a horse, it turns out that I was not really riding, not balanced, or in control, or confident. Liz Polanco came to my rescue. She taught me first to acknowledge the animal as more than transportation, but a partner in the endeavors. Her knowledge and ease with horses is wonderful to see. Liz showed me what horses can think, see, and do in varied circumstances. She taught me to be ready, to observe and to be quiet. She taught me that release is reward. Liz introduced me to a centered seat (still working on that). Her ability to spot a tense muscle or a minuscule lean is uncanny. I will say she is psychic. She knows what I am thinking and feeling as well as my mount. Liz is a gifted teacher understanding and patient. It is a pleasure to learn.

Thank you Liz and to the owners and staff at Good Reception Ranch” -Susan Rixey

“Once again my daughter truly enjoyed herself at camp.  I was telling her one morning on the drive out that what I really like is that you can feel the heart and soul of GRR.  I suspect that is what she responds to.  Plus, Liz does such an excellent job of making it a place where Anna feels like she belongs.” -Nancy B

“I think Bella is thoroughly enjoying the group lesson.  As you well know, kids really like learning with, and from, their peers.  Last week, Bella and Erin teamed to replace a halter on one of the horses (Liz was busy helping Katie).  I checked in with the two girls, and they had it done!  I could tell that they were enjoying working together.
 Liz obviously loves the kids and handles the 3 of them extremely well.  She has a great style, has fun with the process, and knows when to push and when to support.  Not much rattles her but she is clearly very conscientious about both her students and the horses.  She is wonderful.” -WL