Arena Schedule

Arena Schedule

Many of you are familiar with what happens at a health club. There are certain times when, say, the pool is scheduled for “open swim” and other times when it is reserved for classes. Through the winter months at GRR we will have a few times during the week when the indoor arena is reserved for special activities. We have put together a Google calendar available on line and also have a dry erase board with the arena schedule outside the main entrance to the indoor arena on the North Side of the barn.

We hope that by dedicating the arena to a few specific activities at special times during the week the overall experience will be safer and more fun for everyone. We know it will take a little adjustment in terms of scheduling and so we thank you in advance.

Here are the most important times to take note of with regard to INDOOR ARENA CLOSURES during the winter:

Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 the arena is closed for group reining with Lance Shockley. Up to 15 people will be warming up and cooling down from roughly 5-8 pm and it is okay to overlap at this time if you just check in with Lance (the tall guy :)).

The arena is reserved Saturday mornings from 9-12 for Western Pleasure and trail class with Tom Forehand and Ali Kish. There will be poles set up in half of the arena. Tom and Ali are generally okay with sharing the arena, but your ride time may be less enjoyable if you come during this crowded time. Please come either very early in the morning or later in the day if you can as they have up to 15 people in their lessons.

The arena is closed from 10-12 on Sundays for jumping. When weather allows, our jumpers usually enjoy riding in the outdoor arena (as do Ali and Tom). However, there will be a need to set up courses in the indoor over the winter months. Riders will be jumping 4′ courses at this time on Sunday, so we’ve asked that the arena be closed for everyone’s safety. Riders may jump smaller fences or single lines at other times during the week with their instructor CJ.

We also have a group lesson Tuesday nights from 5-6 pm and another one Thursday nights from 5:30-6:30. Others are welcome to use the arena but are asked not to practice reining or jumping.

We will do our best to mark it on the calendar when trainers and riders will be traveling to a show and will not be there for their scheduled lessons. If lessons are not taking place during those times you are of course welcome to use the arena.

You can access the online calendar through our website and you can even sign up for email updates so that you will know firsthand if a class has been cancelled and the arena is open. If you’d like to do this, please go to the comments section on the GRR Calendar page at where you can send a comment and register. You can also reply to this email and I will register your email address for you.

As you know, there are other privates and semi-privates throughout the week when you are welcome to ride and share the arena, as well as time when you get the place to yourself! We hope that by concentrating a lot of the classes together it will help open up the arena at other times.

It really is amazing that we are able to put together so many diverse things–western pleasure, reining, jumping, dressage, Pilates for equestrians, therapeutic riding, and equine assisted mental health work. I think our differences are actually what help us get along together so well.

That being said, it is also nice to have time for riders and their trainers to really focus on and hone their skills. If you want to get in on the fun sign up for a class! You can find out more about all of our wonderful trainers and instructors at our website And please let me or your trainer know any suggestions or questions you have as we try out this new approach.