Why Good Reception Ranch?

As our name says, we hope visitors new and old feel well received at Good Reception Ranch. We also hope horses and riders training here enjoy a “receptive” mental state where learning happens.

The name also gives a nod to the distinctive tower that overlooks the ranch. The 1000-foot Erie Tower can be seen from Boulder and other surrounding towns. It was built by NOAA in the 1970s to serve as a meteorological tower. Today the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory also hosts several national and international experiments studying solar radiation and greenhouse gases. There is an elevator to carry people and equipment to the top of the tower!

Ranch owners

Pat and Fritz Graves have owned horses and operated farms for nearly 50 years. In 2007 they purchased Good Reception Ranch. They wanted to help their daughters Ali and Michelle grow their businesses while also giving their grandchildren and others in the community an opportunity to enjoy and learn from experiences on the farm. They believe that ranch life helps young adults learn about the importance of hard work and respect for others.

Pat and Fritz are dedicated to maintaining a quality facility where horses thrive and horse owners and their families feel welcomed and at home.

Our staff

Ali Graves Kish trains horses, many of whom have been bred and raised on the ranch. Michelle (Mica) Graves operates Big Horse Therapy and Learning Center at GRR. Together the sisters keep a watchful eye over all of the equines on the ranch.

Alex Ortega and Jesus provide expert care for the horses seven days a week. Liz Polanco provides our horses with loving attention and ensures that they are safely turned out. Jose and his family live on site and provide round-the-clock coverage.